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Future Hope Africa empowers families through education, entrepreneurial support and community and youth services.

Imagine …

  • A school without books.

  • A major city with no public library.

  • An aspiring entrepreneur with no access to financial capital.

Now imagine all of these challenges, and more, in an unstable socioeconomic environment.

You’ve envisioned the reality of life in Bukavu, an eastern border city in Africa’s Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

Imagine hope

But our vision doesn’t have to stop with the challenges. It can turn to hope. That’s the genesis of Future Hope Africa, a Christian-based non-profit organization. Our mission is to provide a secure future for children, young adults and families of the DRC.

We make a difference by providing:


Educational Support

Future Hope Africa provides tutoring, learning resources and training for students to supplement their public education.

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Public school is not free in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. For this reason, Future Hope Africa provides scholarships for both elementary and secondary education. In addition, we help aspiring college students through scholarship programs.

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Community and Youth Services

Clubs for boys and girls teach leadership, character, spiritual values and environmental stewardship.

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Business and entrepreneurial support

Entrepreneurial training and micro-loan financing help young workers get a start in the marketplace.

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She escaped war and starvation, then
returned to make a difference.

Nabintu (Bintu) Mujambere is the executive director of Future Hope Africa in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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The future is bright

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