What others say about Future Hope Africa

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We’re thankful for these kind words from supporters of Future Hope Africa. Do you have questions? We’d be happy to answer them.

David Van Dyche, Tucson, Arizona

My wife and I have been supporters of Future Hope Africa since its beginning and are amazed at the great things that are being achieved in Bukavu.

It's all about the children, and we’re happy to see that FHA uses our donations to make their lives better by providing education in a Christian atmosphere. Hardworking Christian teachers and staff help kids develop valuable skills to improve their physical lives while setting the example for their spiritual lives. Graduates of FHA's programs often qualify for entrance into university programs, where they can continue to help their own people in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

We’re excited for the future as FHA continues to grow, serving more children and adults with new programs that improve the lives of so many in Bukavu.

Stephanie Wasson, Kansas City, Missouri

God's love and hope are consistently offered to children and their families in the Democratic Republic of Congo through the programs offered by Future Hope Africa. Nabintu Mujambere, the founder, has a passion to offer educational opportunities that will give children a foundation for academic success, spiritual understanding, and leadership. The tireless dedication of the teaching and volunteer support staff make it possible for the lives of these children and their families to be changed in a tangible way.

Elizabeth Johnstone, Reston, VIRGINIA

My husband and I have been supporters of Future Hope Africa from its inception in 2004. We support our friend Nabintu Mujambere's dream for better opportunities for the youth in her home country of the Democratic Republic of Congo. We've seen how our donations have multiplied with positive results physically, socially and spiritually in the lives of students who are impacted by the work of the dedicated staff at Future Hope Africa. This gives us hope for the future of the world as well. As an educator, it has given me great joy to see how good education is changing the lives of individuals Future Hope Africa touches and gives them the tools to pursue higher education. We eagerly wait for the continued work and growth of Future Hope Africa as programs improve and more lives are influenced for a better future.