This teacher strikes a chord for musical education

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Future Hope Africa is working to launch our city’s first music program – and send our teacher to the academy.

By Bintu Mujambere
Director of Operations
Future Hope Africa

In Bukavu, with an estimated population of more than 830,000, there is no legitimate music school (that we know of). But what could remain a challenge is poised to become an opportunity.

Our goal is to provide the community with an academy where children can learn music and obtain a certificate.

Several years ago, we received a guitar and a violin from some American friends in Virginia. Later we obtained a trumpet from a friend in Pennsylvania. We already had skilled guitar players and we were sure we would find someone to be a guitar instructor. But we had no one to give violin or trumpet lessons.

Enter Trésor Kanyunyi
Trésor is a talented 24-year-old who already has his high school diploma and a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

Three years ago, God sent him to teach music to our younger students. Trésor started training himself to play a variety of instruments. He plays violin, trumpet, keyboards, guitar, bass, recorder and harmonica. And he’s not done yet! He truly has a gift from God for music and any instrument he touches.

Now we have someone who is not only proficient on the violin, trumpet and other instruments, but is able to teach others.

Whenever we have a new musical instrument, Trésor is eager to learn how to play it. It is this spirit and passion that we want to encourage in him for the benefit of the children and young people at our center.

All that Trésor has learned is self-taught, thanks to his natural musical ability. But he lacks experience in classical music and music theory. He has only basic knowledge to read music. However, Trésor has an impressive ability to learn.

The opportunity
Our goal is to send Trésor to Belgium for three months to study at a Belgian academy. Our Belgian partner Maryse is helping us coordinate the trip, which will hopefully take place early next year. We have a donor who appreciated this young man’s talent and is willing to pay for the trip. In addition, Maryse is researching possible scholarships. If that comes through, Trésor can stay with my family in Belgium. So, unless something changes or we do not get the scholarship, Future Hope Africa will be able to send Trésor for training without any operational expenditures. Win-win!

Trésor would study during the days and practice in church services in Péruwelz (my brother-in-law is the pastor) on evenings and weekends. He would learn about the methods of teaching music – especially to children – and then organize our music department when he returns to Bukavu.

We are one step closer to having our music academy, God willing. This is one more way that Future Hope Africa can bring hope.

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