Secretarial student receives the "miracle" of education.

Ashuza received a scholarship from Future Hope Africa

A Future Hope Africa scholarship helped her finish strong, despite financial challenges.

Ashuza Pascaline Muhindo struggled with paying for her education. In Congo, unlike in the United States, public elementary and secondary schooling is not free.

“During my second to last year, I had great difficulty with my studies due to financial limitations,” she said. “So, at the beginning of my sixth year, I began to worry and ask myself how I could possibly pay the school fees to finish my secondary studies.”

But here’s the good news. She received her diploma from Cirezi High School in the secretarial program. She was assisted by a scholarship from Future Hope Africa for young women.

I experienced a miracle (with the scholarship). I call it that because it really is a miracle! When they announced I had received a scholarship, I was truly speechless.
— Ashuza Pascaline Muhindo

“My mother, who was with me, was also moved. I don’t know what to say to convey my sincere thanks. My prayer is that this great charitable work continues and that you are able to help many other children in difficult situations.”

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Roy Harryman