"I no longer wait for fish. I’ve learned how to catch them."


Future Hope Africa’s entrepreneur training has transformed my family and my life.

By Furaha

Times were desperate.

My husband and I were both without jobs while trying to support our three children.

Although I have a high school diploma, I had no formal occupational training nor money for continued schooling. Although friends and family helped out, the financial strain steadily increased.

In distress, I went to Future Hope Africa.

FHA allowed me to enroll in their entrepreneurs training course for free. After I finished, they awarded me a grant of $100 to begin my business.

Although I asked for money, what they gave me was far more valuable.

Now I sell shoes. I wear my merchandise on my head and market it on the street and door to door – wherever people are.

While this may seem like a small step forward, the results have been dramatic:

  • My family eats three times a day. Before they ate once and sometimes not at all.

  • I can buy my children’s required school uniform and pay their fees.

  • I can pay my rent.

  • I tithe to my church.

  • This is in addition to unexpected expenses such as medical bills. Our needs have always been met.

The survival of my family still depends on my work. But I am thankful for it and full of energy for the task.

Future Hope Africa’s entrepreneurial training course gave me the education and confidence to run a business. I manage my finances well, saving and investing in order to be successful in the long term.

I give thanks to the Eternal God for the compassion and wisdom that FHA has toward people in difficulty. I pray He will bless and multiply the days of my teachers so they can lead a boundless number of people toward their potential.

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Roy Harryman