The Princess Club raises up women of honor

Future Hope Africa’s Princess Club brings young women together to understand their value to God and the difference they can make in the world.

Future Hope Africa’s Princess Club brings young women together to understand their value to God and the difference they can make in the world.

Young ladies grow to understand they are royalty in God’s eyes and are challenged to reach their full potential.

By Aryan Muzaliwa

About five years ago I was invited to a meeting. But this turned out to be far more than an event on my calendar.

It transformed my world.

The invitation was to one of Future Hope Africa’s Princess Club events. That day – a Thursday – will remain unforgettable for me because we each received a copy of "My Father's Letter." It is the most beautiful of all letters a daughter could receive from her loving father. But its perspective is not that of an earthly father, but of God, our heavenly Father. His love is free to any girl (or person) who embraces it.

The Princess Club brings girls and young women together for friendship and to share life’s questions.

It’s a rare find: friends who are willing to share their life experiences with confidence, serenity and no fear. It’s all done in a constructive and trustworthy spirit. And I praise God for it.

I’ve gained great wisdom through the club. Some of these lessons include:

  • The beauty of a woman consists of many things beyond appearance.

  • The value of caring for my body, home and belongings.

  • Giving careful attention to my posture, what I eat and what I say.

  • The imperative of serving others above self.

  • That my behavior matters not only for me but for others. My actions impact the world around me.

  • God has called me to be an example for the world – a book that people read about Christ.

Passing the baton

As I evolve in the Princess Club, I am increasingly aware of the responsibilities I have as an older princess toward the younger princesses. Now I know I need to watch out for my little sisters within the group.

When we decided to start a club for younger princesses, I was happy we were opening our doors to more of my sisters. It is a noble, but difficult job, to help young girls discover who they are in Christ. We press on, though, because we believe in each of them and want to help them grow to become responsible and honest leaders as they emerge into adulthood.

I take the Princess Club and its members to heart. I want each of us to:

  • Fear God

  • Honor Him as our Father

  • Be responsible in all we do

  • Experience fulfillment

  • Live with courage

  • Work hard

  • Be devoted to God

  • Exhibit joy

  • Live generously

  • Lead

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The Princess Notebook

One of the things that will help us achieve these goals is the Princess Notebook. Although I developed and wrote the initial draft, it was also edited by other leading Princesses. It is a ministry God Himself put on our hearts.

We needed a book that clearly explains our goals and purposes to club members. It provides insights about how to find our true identity. It also defines true beauty and the love of Father God.

A friend helps you and supports you at all times, especially in times of doubt and insecurities. I want this book to become the small bedside book and best friend to each of our Princesses.

The content of this notebook is filled with not only knowledge, but wisdom. A faithful reader will discover and rediscover who she is and who she can become in Christ.

May the story continue from one generation to the next.

Aryan Muzaliwa lives in Bukavu and is a leader in The Princess Club ministry of Future Hope Africa. Consider a gift to further the work of our ministry to young women and our work to uplift children and families in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Roy Harryman