Speaking to the World Affairs Conference opened new doors

Nabintu Mujamberé speaks to the St. Petersburg, Fla., Conference on World Affairs.

Nabintu Mujamberé speaks to the St. Petersburg, Fla., Conference on World Affairs.


It was an honor to advocate for Sub-Saharan Africa and FHA.

By Nabintu Mujambere

I was honored to speak at a recent world affairs conference in Florida. My prayer is that I’ll have more opportunities to share the needs of our region and introduce people to Future Hope Africa.

The St. Petersburg Conference on World Affairs includes panel discussions and speakers including diplomats, military personnel and academics.

 I was one of four panelists discussing “Sub-Saharan Africa Steps into the Limelight.” I was proud to be one of those who brought a glimpse of hope into a usually bleakly-painted future for this part of Africa.

A culture ready for change
The leaders in power after the independence movements in Africa in the 1960s exercised and encouraged poor leadership and governance that led to dictatorship, corruption and misery.

But Africa has the benefit of counting more young populations than any other continent. And that is its strength. Youth are strong to fight for their rights, if they know what those are.

And that is what we are observing today as we surveil the Sub-Saharan cultural landscape. More and more educated young people are daring to demonstrate because they know life can get better. They are striving for knowledge and for information, and technology is helping their cause.

Today, more than ever before, Africa is changing positively. People are tired of the status quo and ready for something new. This might be the start of new era for Africa. It will take time, but it is happening. That was my message at the conference.

 A challenge and opportunity
Being part of this conference was a great new experience for me. It gave me the opportunity to advocate in front of several hundred people for a region of Africa that has been looked down on for decades. Speaking was another opportunity for me to fight for the education of young people and for the greater good of Congo and other African countries.

Besides my experience in the seminar, I was also able to get to know many of the conference presenters, including many French speakers. This opportunity broadened my horizons and opened doors for lasting professional relationships.

God is doing great things through Future Hope Africa as He challenges and takes us to a higher level in our pursuit of educating and training African children, youth and families through Biblical values.

Thank you for your part in it.

Nabintu Mujamberé is the director of operations for Future Hope Africa in Bukavu, Democratic Republic of the Congo.

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